Planting to Feed

Sister Spotlight | 09/04/2018

Food insecurity:

The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. 



In Delta Phi Epsilon, we value justice, which can appear in our lives in many ways. For this Beta Nu alumni, justice for...

Sisters Sweep Scholarships

Sister Spotlight | 08/20/2018

Scholarship recipients of the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation are very diverse and utilize the funds for a variety of experiences that are set to further their education, such as studying abroad, and financing undergraduate, graduate and doctorate tuition. With...

Following the Very Old Pin

Sister Spotlight | 08/08/2018

Becoming an alumni initiate is a dream come true for recently initated sister, BethAnne. BethAnne’s legacy began with her grandmother almost 70 years ago in the Phi chapter at Brooklyn College. BethAnne was never able to meet her grandmother, Barbara Meisel Kern, a...

A Volunteer Pipeline Success Story

Sister Spotlight | 04/18/2018

As Gina Curtis, Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Humboldt State University, accepts her new role as president of DPhiE's Educational Foundation, she knows she is stepping into some big shoes. From our Founders all the way to former president, Donna Von Bruening, Sigma Chapter...

Challenging the Status Quo: From One Generation to the Next

Sister Spotlight | 01/23/2018

Kirpa Grewal will be the first to tell you she owes much of her activism to her mother. In the South Asian culture, there’s a custom of handing out sweets when a boy is born. These sweets are called ladoo. Born to parents who already had two daughters, Kirpa was seen as...

A Person is not Defined by their Disability

Sister Spotlight | 11/28/2017

I come from a family of teachers and I have known since I was a young girl that I wanted to be a teacher.  However, it wasn't until I was in college that I really started to think about teaching children with special needs.  In all of my field placements and student...