DPhiE Announces Re-Chartering at University of Tampa


For eight years, Delta Phi Epsilon has been studying, planning and preparing for our way towards recolonizing and re-chartering at the University of Tampa. With a force of supportive, determined and enthusiastic alumnae and persistent staff, we got the chance to make our presentation to the campus Thursday, November 8, 2018. Great news. We did it! The Panhellenic community voted to invite our sisterhood, Delta Upsilon, to return to campus after a nearly 40-year hiatus. 

“To say we’re thrilled to return to the University of Tampa is an understatement,” said International Executive Director Nicole DeFeo, Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers University Camden. 

“The values of the University of Tampa and the values of Delta Phi Epsilon are on the very same trajectory,” said Director of the Educational Foundation Marcia Narod, Delta Upsilon Chapter at University of Tampa. In fact, both the University and DPhiE share the same motto, Esse Quam Videri, to be rather than to seem to be. 

The Panhellenic community on campus reportedly appreciated several aspects of our sisterhood, Nicole said. Among those values was DPhiE’s active commitment to diversity and inclusion with our formally launched task force. 

Recounting the history of DPhiE beginning with our Founders, Marcia retold their vision of making sure our sisterhood would embrace diversity and inclusion. That value struck a chord for the students attending the presentation, as the school has programs in place to work toward the same for its campus. 

“Diversity is the glue that binds us together,” Marcia said during her segment of the presentation. 
Marcia joined five staff members and International President Stacy Segal, Psi Chapter at University of Georgia for the presentation and they all fielded a variety of questions from the audience. 

“The campus students saw how committed Delta Phi Epsilon is to being a true Panhellenic partner with the University. We demonstrated the experiences we offer our members, the professionalism of our presentation, our near trademark uniqueness and our incredible outpouring of support from area alumnae,” Nicole said. 

The entire original founding class from Delta Upsilon, alumnae from the University of Florida, as well as the chapter advisory board created for the re-charter attended the event. 

“We have a legacy. We are a sisterhood of value that we would like to share with you,” Marcia said in her remarks. 

The re-colonization is scheduled to be held in the fall of 2019.

Photo: International Governing Board President Stacy Segal Psi Chapter at University of Georgia joins past Delta Upsilon Chapter Presidents Marcia Narod and Elaine Stupp​ during our extension presentation at the University of Tampa. 

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