Girl Boss

Sister Spotlight | 11/16/2017

Little girls with dreams become women with vision.

A dream and a vision were exactly what Lisette Miranda had when she became her own girl boss and founded PINC International. PINC International designs and organizes...

A True Leader

Sister Spotlight | 11/10/2017

Krystal Jemmott is a senior at the Senior Military College, the University of North Georgia (UNG), majoring in Criminal Justice. Krystal is also a cadet in the Corps of Cadets holding a leadership position and will be commissioning Active Duty into the U.S. Army in May....

Shooting for the Stars

Sister Spotlight | 11/07/2017

As part of a 4th-grade class assignment, we were asked to dress up as a famous person from our home state of Michigan. I decided that I wanted to be astronaut Jack Lousma, who was from Grand Rapids, MI. I created a makeshift astronaut spacesuit, and I gave my...

A Little Gold in a Sea of Pink

Sister Spotlight | 10/25/2017

Kim Buff faced a crisis. Not long after moving to a new town in a new state far away from home, Kim's son Matthew was admitted to the hospital with a lung infection. That ailment led doctors at a Minneapolis hospital to diagnose then eight-year-old Matthew with leukemia...

There’s a lot of Beauty in Ordinary Things

Sister Spotlight | 10/23/2017

My phone buzzes in my pocket like a bee next to a flower, and it catches my attention instantly. Part of me doesn’t want to answer. A piece of me doesn’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Something snaps within me and brings me back to reality and I answer...

Pinch me! Am I Dreaming?

Sister Spotlight | 10/15/2017

Take it from me. Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

I'm Rachael Preisinger, formerly Rachael Williamson – I just got married last month! I live in New Jersey and I work for NFL Films in Mount Laurel. Yes, it's a fun job...