Make History on Your Campus

Helping build or reinstate a chapter on campus will be marked in the history books of your campus. Throughout our colony and chartering process, Delta Phi Epsilon fosters this historical significance by providing our founding sisters with extensive support and all the resources they need to be successful and joyful throughout this experience.

Our sorority makes an impact in the community. As a founder, you will be given the unique opportunity to lead and serve. You will decide the legacy you want DPhiE to leave on campus. Being a founder allows you to start the sorority fresh and create positive traditions that will become a part of your campus’s culture.

Be a Founder

Being a founder is a special opportunity that so few women get to have. Founders are able to decide what the sorority experience will be for women on your campus.

When starting a chapter or re-establishing one, Delta Phi Epsilon looks for leaders who want to create a positive and lasting experience for themselves and others while making history on their campuses.

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