General Chapter Operations FAQ

How can I appeal my standards board hearing sanctions?

A member is able to file an appeal for their sanction(s), due to breach of process or new information presented, to the MAL within 10 days of receiving their assigned sanction(s).

Can an alumna member be taken to Standards?

Any member of the organization may submit a violation involving any other member to the Standards Board. Collegiate member complaints are addressed at the chapter level while Alumna Complaints are handled by the International Standards Board.

Can coordinator positions be appointed?

No, coordinators are elected year-long positions that must be elected by the chapter using the same process as Leadership Team positions.

When must elections be held?

Elections must be held two months prior to the end of the existing officer’s term, typically in late October or early November. The term ends with the Leadership Team Installation Ritual.

What is Quorum?

Quorum is defined as ⅔ of active members in good standing. Quorum must be present for an election to occur.

What is the GPA requirement to run for a position?

Leadership Team members must hold a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and coordinator positions must hold a cumulative GPA 2.25 on a 4.0 scale. These GPA requirements can be raised by local chapter by-laws but cannot be lowered.

How can I get a waiver to run form for an LT position?

If you do not hold the required GPA to be on the Leadership Team, you can complete a Leadership Team Waiver to Run Form. Contact your chapter president to obtain this waiver.

Can I hold a Leadership Team position and a coordinator/chair position?

No, Coordinators may serve as members of LT.

Can I attend my child’s standard board hearing?

Parents and lawyers are not permitted to attend chapter Standards Board hearings.