Housing FAQ

What are the housing related fees that are paid for by collegiate members?

  • Parlor Fee: A parlor fee is a cost charged to all out of house members that helps to offset operating costs of running the house. Some of the costs parlor fees help to offset include facility or space rent, staff salary, paper products and utilities. In chapters that have suites and lodges without bed space managed by the NHC, all chapter members pay a parlor fee.
  • Building Fund Fee: Building Fund Fees are used to help fund capital improvements to a property as well as all major and minor renovation and redecoration projects.  Most often, this is a one-time fee charged when members are initiated. This is a standard fee type that is charged by all sororities, regardless of the campus, that have a facility.
  • Room and Board: This fee varies by chapter and covers the cost for living in and meals, if available, at the chapter house.

How do I make a payment toward my housing invoice?

Payments can be made electronically or via paper check/money order. The link to process your payment electronically can be found in the email containing your invoice. To receive an additional copy of your invoice please contact books@dphie.org. You can mail checks or money orders to: National Housing Corporation of Delta Phi Epsilon at 251 S Camac Street Philadelphia, PA 19107.

What precautions are being taken to create a healthy and safe environment during the COVID-19 outbreak?

The Delta Phi Epsilon National Housing Corporation remains committed to providing a safe and healthy living environment for members. Due to COVID-19, we have increased our efforts to ensure that members living at a DPhiE facility will be safe. Click here to learn more.

If I no longer wish to live in the chapter facility, what steps do I take to be released from my housing agreement?

Those seeking to void their existing housing agreement must submit a formal request to void the agreement to the housing department staff to be reviewed by the National Housing Corporation Board, who is responsible for approving or denying requests. Formal requests can be emailed to housing@dphie.org. Please be aware that you are not guaranteed a release from your housing agreement.

How do we report an issue within our property?

All issues should be reported to your house director as soon as possible. For chapters that do not have a house director please contact the coordinator of housing via email at MYeager@dphie.org.

How are members selected to live in the house?

All decisions regarding who is living in the chapter house are determined at a local level. The National Housing Corporation does not get involved with the placement or selection for room assignments. You are encouraged to speak with your chapter’s Vice President of House Management for more information.

How and when are housing agreements distributed?

The housing agreement process typically takes place following the chapter’s formal recruitment process. Those interested in living in the chapter house for the following academic year should contact the chapter’s Vice President of House Management and/or House Director. All housing agreements are sent from the International Headquarters through DocuSign.

I signed up to live in the chapter house but I have not received my housing agreement yet. What should I do?

If you have not received your housing agreement it may be because your email address was not entered correctly. Please contact the chapter’s Vice President of House Management and/or House Director to let them know so they can check the accuracy of the email on file.

I have signed my portion of the housing agreement but my guarantor did not receive the agreement yet to sign. What should I do?

Housing agreements get sent first to the member and then to their guarantor. If you have already signed the housing agreement and your guarantor has not yet received it please contact the chapter’s Vice President of House Management and/or House Director to let them know so they can check the accuracy of the email on file.

Who is the house director and what is their role?

The role of the house director is to oversee all facility operations.  Our house directors oversee kitchen and housekeeping staff as well as work with the collegiate Vice President of House Management (VPHM), Housing Advisor, university faculty and staff, and maintain vendor relationships.