Reconnecting to Justice

Reconnecting to Justice - Grace CordeiroBeta Pi sister, Grace Cordeiro, joined DPhiE because of how much she resonated with our founding principle of Justice. Through the Social Justice Series programming this past year, Grace reengaged with DPhiE. She stated, “I have always been passionate about advocacy and justice. I think the concept of a social justice series is the best programming IHQ has come up with.” 

Her favorite event was the most recent event in February, “Colonization Road”. She is particularly passionate about indigenous communities and the effects of colonization that are still rampant today. “Seeing an event that spoke directly to this really caught my eye, and I think that this event allowed us to speak to not only a Canadian stakeholder on the issue but also to hear from different Canadian stakeholders through the documentary – the event was powerful.” 

She also shared, “I think hearing from stakeholders makes a very big difference when it comes to this kind of subject matter. Absolutely everyone should use their voice in the fight for the rights of marginalized groups, but if you’re not a stakeholder, one of the most important things you can do is make room for stakeholders voices to be heard.” 

By having DPhiE encourage discussions around topics like voter suppression, having members read books like “Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race”, and the still lasting effects of colonization has really underscored the principle of justice for Grace in a way that she didn’t feel was apparent internationally before. As a sister of the Latinx community, she feels like the issues that are important to marginalized communities matter to the broader organization for the first time. “I feel closer to the organization as a while because of it, and it’s part of the reason I’ve chosen to volunteer more as an alumna, through chapter advisory boards and committee membership.”

“There’s something special about the feeling of having the Sisterhood at your back. And I’ve felt that on a smaller scale knowing that my values align with the women I’ve come to know in this organization. It’s nice to know that DPhiE is choosing to stand behind the principles that its sisters live through this series.  It’s also empowering. One voice can be lost in the din, but a chorus demands to be heard.”

Since becoming an alumna, the concept of sisterhood for a lifetime has become even more important to Grace. She is currently working with sisters towards chartering the Montreal Alumnae Association. At their very first meeting, they discussed how service will be at the forefront of their association. They plan to partner with community initiatives line the Northern Birthday Box Project in the future. “The association is providing us not only ways to connect in these tumultuous times, but also to further live and embody the principles of Justice, Sisterhood and Love on the daily.”

The virtual community DPhiE created this year led to close bonds within her network. By participating in the Social Justice Series Programming, Grace had a way to connect with sisters. “The events not only help to broaden our own understanding of really important topics, but also a way to share in that development and learning with other sisters.” 
If you are interested in learning more about the Social Justice Series, visit our website at The next event is The Equal Rights Amendment: A Discussion with Carol Jenkins and Luck Beard on Wednesday, March 31 at 8:00 PM EST.