Status FAQ

What is a membership status?

Membership statuses are used to help keep an accurate roster with IHQ and with your university.

When do status changes need to be submitted to IHQ?

All status changes must be submitted by the first chapter meeting.

What statuses are available to Undergraduate Members?

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Non-Continuing
  • Disaffiliated

What is Inactive status and when can I use it?

  • A member may assume inactive status at any point in their undergraduate membership, approval is required for each inactive request.
    • Inactive status requests are approved for the following reasons:
      • Internship/Co-op
      • Study Abroad
      • Student Teaching
      • Medical Illness

If you have any questions, you can contact

How do I change my membership status from Active status?

Once your chapter’s leadership team submits your status change you will receive a form emailed to you which needs to be completed to finalize your change in membership status. If you have any questions, you can contact

What documentation do I need to submit to finalize my inactive status request?

  • Internship/Co-op: offer letter, letter from employer
  • Study Abroad: acceptance letter, departure timeline
  • Student Teaching: acceptance letter, letter from supervising teacher
  • Medical Illness: doctor’s note

Who approves my inactive request?

  • First time inactive requests are approved by the chapter’s leadership team
  • Second+ inactive requests are approved by IHQ staff after receiving a completed inactive request form
  • The member does need to complete the Inactive Request form for their membership status to be officially approved in both First and Second+ inactive requests. If a member does not complete this form, they remain an active member of the chapter
  • If you have any questions you can contact

I’m an active member of my chapter, but I don’t have time to participate, what status is best for me?

We recognize that Sisterhood is not One Size Fits All, so if you need accommodations, we recommend that you work with your chapters’ leadership team. If you have any questions you can contact

Do I have to go inactive if I am participating in an internship/co-op, a study abroad program, or student teaching?

No, a member can continue to be an active member even if they are participating in an internship/co-op, a study abroad program, or student teaching.

I changed my mind and I no longer want to go inactive, non-continuing or disaffiliate, how do I fix my status?

Contact your chapter leadership team and inform them that you changed your mind about your membership status.

If I go inactive, am I still responsible for dues?

Yes. Different chapters bill different amounts for inactive dues, please check with your leadership team to find out how much they are.

I am struggling financially, can I go inactive because I can’t afford active membership dues?

Financial hardship is not an approved reason for an inactive request. If you are struggling, we recommend that you speak to your leadership team.

What is Non-Continuing status?

  • Non-Continuing Status allows a member to continue their membership even if they are transferring to another university, withdrawing from the university, or are taking fewer than part-time credits.
  • Members that take non-continuing status that do not transfer to another university can become an alumnae member from this status after paying their Per Capita fee invoice is paid in full. The member will be charged $71 for each remaining semester until their original anticipated graduation date.

Can I go join another sorority after I disaffiliate?

No, although Disaffiliation terminates your relationship with your chapter and with Delta Phi Epsilon, you cannot join another NPC organization.

I disaffiliated and would like to join Delta Phi Epsilon, again, how can I do that?

Contact for further information.

My roster is not accurate after I submitted my changes, what do I do?

Follow up with your members that you submitted as Inactive, Non-Continuing or Disaffiliated. The members submitted as those status types will remain on your roster until they complete their follow up forms. If you have any questions you can contact

I have a member that wants to come back to the chapter after being reported as Non-Continuing or Disaffiliated, what do I do?

Contact for further information.

I have duplicate members on my roster, what do I do?

Contact We will be able to merge any duplicate accounts.

I have a member that wanted to change their status to inactive, non-continuing or disaffiliated, but they changed their mind. What do I do?

Contact We will be able to help your member have the correct membership status.