Suites & Lodges

The National Housing Corporation of Delta Phi Epsilon operates suites and lodges at universities and colleges across North America. Suites and lodges are very similar in that they have a large common space that the chapter shares, where they differ is that lodges provide sleeping quarters and often look like traditional sorority houses.


In between classes, the members of DPhiE join together to study, relax and sometimes grab a snack in a room on campus that is designated for our use.

Suites can be one room or many, usually a large gathering space, much like a living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom are included. The National Housing Corporation works with the chapters who have suites to upgrade the flooring, walls, ceilings, lights, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and appliances. Some suites are small and cozy; others are elaborate and large. Many chapters hold chapter functions from their suite. Chapter meetings, leadership team meetings, rituals and recruitment can be held in a chapter suite.

The following universities and colleges have on campus designated suites: 

Zeta Alpha - Tennessee Technological University

Omega - University of Miami

Beta Iota - St. Cloud State University

Phi Gamma - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Gamma Upsilon - Campbell University

Gamma Rho - University of Maine


Fraternity/Sorority Life partners with Residential Life offices are some campuses to provide an upgraded dorm experience in the form of on campus lodges.

Lodges come in all shapes and sizes, but all have sleeping quarters for members, which range from 8 beds to over 50 beds. Lodges are a unique collaboration between the National Housing Corporation and the university/college. The school controls the lottery for bed space, collects room and board and assigns rooms. The National Housing Corporation of Delta Phi Epsilon operates and maintains the common spaces in many lodges, but not all. In some instances, the university/college manages and runs the entire lodge and the NHC manages the use of common spaces by our members who do not live in.

Lodges can resemble stand-alone traditional sorority houses, or have a different footprint that looks more like a dorm. Sometimes lodges are part of a greek row or circle on campus.

The following universities/colleges have DPhiE designated lodges: 

Alpha Tau - Winona University

Epsilon Kappa - SUNY Cortland

Delta Sigma - Rider University

Delta Epsilon - Drexel University

Phi Pi - Widener University

Zeta Kappa - Union College

Delta Pi - Pennsylvania State University

Eta - University of Pittsburgh

Phi Lambda - Emory University

Beta Eta - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Zeta Beta - Truman State University

Beta Upsilon - Rochester Institute of Technology

Epsilon Gamma - Stevens Institute of Technology