Volunteering FAQ

How do I become an advisor?

Complete the Be Involved Volunteer Application at https://dphie.org/volunteer/. An IHQ staff member will review your application and reach out to determine the best placement for you.

How do I remove myself from being an advisor?

You can email IHQ’s Director of Global Engagement to notify us that you are leaving the position.

How often should I talk with the chapter I advise?

We encourage chapter advisors to meet with their corresponding Leadership Team member at the beginning of the term to set communication expectations. At this time, you can schedule biweekly or monthly check-in calls. Use your best judgement to determine a communication schedule that will support the chapter.

How do I get involved?

There are many volunteer opportunities on the local or international level. You can start by checking out our volunteer page and then filling out the application for which opportunity sparks your interest. Not sure where to start? Email Gabrielle Centrone at gcentrone@dphie.org.

Are chapter advisors mandatory reporters?

Chapter advisors are not mandatory reporters. Advisors should be aware of on-campus and IHQ resources in regards to Health and Wellness. Any chapter member who is possibly in danger or experiencing a traumatic event should be referred to the chapter’s Health and Wellness Advisor or appropriate on-campus resources.