Not Four Years, For Life

When you took the oath at initiation, you pledged yourself to a lifetime of sisterhood. As alumnae, you have the opportunity to take advantage of all that our sisterhood has to offer. Whether networking in a new city, attending an event for professional development, or helping undergraduate chapters grow and thrive, your opportunities are endless.

Staying Connected

In today’s world, women are accomplishing many things. As we navigate life, careers and relationships, our plates are often full. Staying as connected to our sisterhood as much as we were in school can be a challenge, but the Delta Phi Epsilon sisterhood is always valuable.

Whether you stay connected through our social media pages, attend an event in your area, join an alumnae association, advise a local chapter, or even invest in the future through a donation to the Educational Foundation, you will always have a place with your sisterhood here at DPhiE.

Come Back Home

Have you been thinking about reconnecting with DPhiE? DPhiE was where you found friendship, growth, acceptance and support. Now is the time to come back home to Delta Phi Epsilon. Get involved, give back and remember what sisterhood can be. We are waiting for you!

Be Involved

Are you transitioning into alumnae sisterhood?

Sometimes this transition into alumnae sisterhood can be daunting. Where do you start to connect?  Who do you call?  How can you give back to the sisterhood that has given you so many friends and memories?  Wherever you are on the spectrum, there is an opportunity for you to stay connected and engaged in Delta Phi Epsilon.

The best way to begin your alumna journey is by joining an alumnae association. Alumnae associations can provide friendships in a new city, a professional network, mentorship and opportunities to serve the local community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sisters Wherever You Go

Being a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon means being part of a group of thousands of women who empower one another and make an impact within their communities. Alumnae associations are opportunities for our alumnae sisters to reconnect, make new friends and avail themselves to the power and experience of our sisters. Sisters from all chapters and all ages who live close by to one another are encouraged to join and hold leadership positions within an association.

We encourage our alumnae associations to support local collegiate chapters and stay aprised of Delta Phi Epsilon’s initiatives and programs that will continue to support a strong sisterhood.

Start an Alumnae Association

Do you miss the special relationships and support you found as a Delta Phi Epsilon undergraduate sister? Are you in an area without an alumnae association? Starting an alumnae association is easier than you think. There might already be sisters near you trying to form one.

Our alumnae services department at IHQ supports new and reorganizing associations. If you need assistance, resources and support, please contact

Find an Alumnae Association

Alumnae Panhellenics

Alumnae Panhellenic is a community-based organization that is an extension of the NPC. There are hundreds of Alumnae Panhellenics across North America.

Membership not only provides you with networking and leadership opportunities, it allows you to represent Delta Phi Epsilon amongst the sorority women in your community.

If you want to represent Delta Phi Epsilon on an Alumnae Panhellenic or register yourself as an already placed representative please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the annual alumnae dues?


What is the purpose of annual alumnae dues?

The annual alumnae dues are the national dues paid by Delta Phi Epsilon alumnae that allows the organization to provide a number of resources for members. Your annual alumnae dues support:

  • The production and distribution of The Triad magazine
  • Alumnae programming such as Engage U, the International Leadership Forum, and the Alumnae Leadership Academy
  • Chartering of new alumnae associations

Are there incentives to paying alumnae dues?

Yes! By paying your annual alumnae dues you are eligible to become a DPhiE volunteer, register for Engage U, the International Leadership Forum (ILF), and the Alumnae Leadership Academy and become an active member in an alumnae association.

Is paying alumnae dues required?

Payment is not required unless you are applying to volunteer, join an alumnae association or attend leadership programming.

Why do we have annual alumnae dues?

Delta Phi Epsilon is passionate about our mission to create a sense of belonging for all members. In order to do this we have to stay at the forefront of social change through research and innovation. Your dues allow us to continue this learning and also helps keep our extensive alumnae membership apart of these changes.

Will I still receive the Triad Magazine if I do not pay my alumnae dues?

Yes. All members will still continue to receive the Triad. Remember to update your address!

Are annual alumnae dues tax deductible?

No. Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is a 501(c) 7 organization which means membership fees cannot be used for a tax deduction. Donations to the Educational Foundation are tax deductible. You can visit the Educational Foundation website here!

I already give to the Foundation. How is this different?

Our Educational Foundation collects donations to fund scholarships, advocacy and inclusion programming, leadership events and the International Leadership Consultant program, while alumnae dues are used to fund the alumnae engagement-operating budget. The operating budget is used to keep alumnae ticket prices low for Engage U, the Alumnae Leadership Academy, and ILF, and also aids in the chartering of new alumnae associations.

We encourage you to continue making donations to the Educational Foundation in addition to your annual alumnae dues!

Are annual alumnae dues the same as paying local alumnae chapter dues? Can I pay my annual alumnae dues thru my alumnae chapter?

Yes and no. Most alumnae chapters will include the $19.17 in the chapter dues and the Operations Lead will make sure the payment goes through to IHQ. However, the alumnae dues are used to fund IHQ’s alumnae operating budget while chapter dues are used for local programming.

Is there a deadline?

Alumnae dues must be paid by June 30th each year, as this is the end of Delta Phi Epsilon’s fiscal year.

How can I pay my alumnae dues?

Online OR over the phone (215)732-5901 using a credit card. You may also pay by check, mail to:

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority
Attn: Finance Department
251 S. Camac St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Who can I contact about alumnae dues?

Talent Management Department at