International Leadership Consultants

International Leadership Consultants (ILCs) are change agents. They are professional Delta Phi Epsilon women that lead by example, challenge the status quo, ask tough questions, and spread the principles of Justice, Sisterhood and Love in an effort to inspire change and create a sense of belonging for all members everywhere they go.

ILCs are recent graduates and full-time Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority employees that complete intensive training in preparation for their role. An ILC’s purpose is to provide guidance, support and resources to help collegiate chapters thrive.

The ILC program provides recent graduates with opportunities for personal and professional development while supporting the growth of Delta Phi Epsilon’s collegiate members and chapters in the areas of: chapter operations, new member education, organizational growth, health and wellness, leadership development and heritage and traditions.

This program emphasizes transferable skill building and is a call to action for individuals that want to work hard, make a difference in the lives of others and inspire change.

International Leadership Consultants provide both virtual and in-person continuous support, assessment and coaching to create a sense of belonging at the collegiate level. From leading individualized educational and recruitment workshops to addressing Standard Board and Team Excellence questions, ILCs are able to provide specialized assistance to all 109 chapters of the international organization.

Professional Success – Qualifications and Benefits

ILCs are exposed to a wide variety of professional experiences and opportunities for skill building, including skills in leadership development, facilitation, project management, member recruitment, critical thinking, conflict management, resiliency, problem solving, fiscal responsibility, and time management. ILCs also become experienced business travelers, public speakers and coaches.

ILCs are compensated for their work and are eligible for benefits made available to Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority employees.

ILCs also receive intensive departmental training multiple times a year, personal and professional development opportunities, and other benefits associated with the role. All travel, accommodations and meals while traveling for sorority business are covered by the organization.

Additional information regarding compensation and benefits will be provided to applicants during virtual interview weekend in February 2021.


Position Qualifications

Applicants must be a Delta Phi Epsilon member in good standing with the International Sorority and possess experience in management or leading others (i.e. chapter leadership team, Panhellenic Council leadership role, campus leadership role, internship, work experience, etc.). Applicants must have a completed bachelor’s degree by May 2021.

Qualifications for the position include:

  • Experience working with Greek-lettered organizations and/or knowledge of sororities and fraternities
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and presentation skills
  • Well-organized and able to work while making sound decisions under pressure and within tight deadlines
  • Strong analytical skills, sound judgment, critical thinking and decision-making abilities
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to effectively manage people and situations
  • Ability to take direction from staff members such as supervisors or other organizational leaders
  • Advanced computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office products, GSuite, Zoom, and Slack communication systems; technical aptitude to learn internal systems and required packages
  • Ability to partner, collaborate, and effectively work directly with volunteers
  • Must be able to work remotely and/or travel by air, car, and occasionally rail on behalf of the Collegiate Experience department
  • Basic knowledge and skills expected of consultant level-staff

Place Equal Focus on Career and Culture

If you are interested in attending graduate school, working as an ILC allows for opportunities to expand your international professional network across colleges and universities, advance your administrative skills, and gain experience from working directly with campus partners and stakeholders.

From student affairs to medical school to politics to education, previous staff have attributed this professional experience as a key factor in preparing them for their current and future career paths.

Delta Phi Epsilon is invested in your professional success during your time as an ILC and beyond. We encourage ILCs to take placement exams, enhance their resumes and cover letters, schedule interviews, and attend orientation programs during their time as a consultant.

Opportunities for personal and professional development are continually provided throughout the year to help equip, prepare, and support ILCs to become catalysts of change within their chosen professional field.