Chapter Advisory Board

Chapter advisors are vital to a positive sisterhood experience on every campus. Advisors provide guidance and mentorship to local members and leadership teams in all areas of operations.

Our advisors help us embed a legacy of power and strength within the lives of every single member…and beyond. Our young members thrive through their guidance and our chapter leaders succeed through their mentorship.

DPhiE needs engaging alumnae and advocates of all ages with the talents, wisdom and energy to help us in our mission to provide everyone a sisterhood experience rich in tradition, innovation and opportunities for growth.

CAB members are directly supported by a full-time DPhiE staff member who is dedicated to ensuring that they are having a rewarding volunteer experience. CAB volunteers have the opportunity to connect with staff and other volunteer advisors on a monthly basis to collaborate, idea-share, and receive continuing education and support in their volunteer roles. Serving as a CAB volunteer is a great way to give back to the sorority and support the next generation of leaders.

Andrea Alhadari, Epsilon Phi Lead Advisor

“Advising is a wonderful way to coach and mentor rising leaders within the organization. The skills I learned being chapter president still benefit me today. To guide the next generation is deeply fulfilling.”

Gina Curtis, Zeta Iota Recruitment Advisor

“Working with chapter members to build leadership skills is one of the most rewarding and important aspects of advising. Watching their growth in decision making, communication and most importantly self-confidence is a reward in itself. Our goal is to see chapters and members grow and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.”

Laura Blazewicz Miller, Delta Delta Lead Advisor

“Advising a chapter has allowed me to reconnect to the sisterhood through working with collegiate members. You are able to experience successes and challenges with members and impact their individual experience with Delta Phi Epsilon. It is a fulfilling and gratifying experience.”

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