Each year, alumnae, undergraduates, friends of Delta Phi Epsilon and family members, generously support the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation. These contributions help advance our members through educational initiatives, scholarships and leadership development. Your support each year is needed to ensure continued success.

Delta Phi Epsilon has a strong and strategic vision for the future, including even more innovative programming to develop our members, opportunities for undergraduate and alumnae to connect, and vehicles to put Delta Phi Epsilon on the global map as a developer of women.

Lifetime Giving Societies

The moment you accepted your bid to Delta Phi Epsilon, you pledged yourself to a lifetime of sisterhood. Through our lifetime giving societies, you are also pledging yourself to a lifetime of support for the future of our organization. Consistent loyalty to the purple and the gold is recognized in Lifetime Giving Societies. LGS donors are recognized with special private events and in sorority publications.

Order of the Iris

$25,000 and above
Roxanne Donovan
Harriette Hirsch
Cheryl Lamm
Stacy Segal

Order of the Pearl

$10,000 to $24,999
Lisa Condon
Heather Green
Phyllis Kossoff
Lauren McCarthy
Jennifer McNamara
Dawn McNulty
Emily Meister
Allan Tanenbaum
Donna Von Bruening

Order of the Gold

$5,000 to $9,999
Tricia Carlin
Gina Curtis
Nicole DeFeo
Lynna Lan Tien Do
Carol Estes-Schwartz
Trisha Fletcher
Linda Foresha
Marilyn Friedman
Michelle Gilboy
Nancy Hart-Esposito
Barbara Heilveil
Arleen Honick
Linda Hyman
Berta Icabalceta
Kristen Lee
Robin Lubetkin
Kristin Morgan
Marjorie Orgel
Nancy Pastroff
Debbi Pearlman
Allison Plotkin
Emily Smith

Order of the Purple

$2,500 to $4,999
Ellen Alper
Jessica Andrews
Felicia Ausbury
Meredith Bielaska
Linda Blockus
Darlene Carver
Patricia Cayne
Stephanie Cockerl
Melissa Cordone
Melissa Crossen
Angela DiRenzo
Melissa Eng-Pascual
Charlotta Eriksson
Maytee Fisch
Laura Glotzbach
Marci Gordon
Nina Greco
JoEllen Gregie
Barbara Gulick
Samantha Harper
Barbara Hellman
Letitia Hempsey
Hilary Horlock
Melissa Keesing
Tara Lockhart
Risa Mallin
Mary Marbach
Kristin McDonough
Rose McGovern
Meredith Mead
Amanda Patterson
Sara Rice
Toby Tamarkin
Jane Trunsky
Shelley Vaillancourt

Ida Landau Sustainer’s Society 2021

Our Founder, Ida Landau was a woman of action. When she married her husband, who was not a U.S. national, the law of the time stated that she had to forfeit her own U.S. citizenship. Ida immediately petitioned Congress bringing attention to the injustice, and leading to the passage of the Cable Act, that ensured women could marry whomever they wanted without losing their citizenship.

Her legacy of action continued when she worked as a war correspondent during WWII and also assisted with relocating Jewish refugees. For Ida, helping others was second nature. As a donor to the Educational Foundation, you are just like Ida, making a difference for others.

The Ida Landau Sustainer’s Society recognizes major annual donors to the Educational Foundation. Alumnae who graduated more than 15 years ago and friends of the Educational Foundation who contribute $1,000 or more each year become members of the Ida Landau Society. Alumnae who graduated within the previous 14 years become a member of the ILS with a $500 annual gift.

Lynna Lan Tien Do, Alpha Iota
Meredith Bielaska, Beta Upsilon
Jessica Baxter, Delta Epsilon
Laura Glotzbach, Delta Sigma
Kelly MacDonald, Epsilon Zeta
Lisa Condon, Phi Tau
Gina Curtis, Epsilon Upsilon
Cheryl Lamm, Rho
Vashtina Boyce, Alpha Epsilon
Andrea Patton, Alpha Gamma
Alyssa Gorenberg, Delta Eta
Letitia Hempsey, Phi Tau
Kristin Morgan, Alpha
Roxanne Donovan, Gamma
Carol Prushan, Gamma
Debbi Pearlman, Gamma
Mariah King, Gamma Gamma
Anna Maria Curry, Alpha Pi
Elisabeth McNivens, Alpha Pi
Jane Trunsky, Rho
Barbara Hellman, Psi
Stacy Segal, Psi
Kristin McDonough, Alpha Mu
Rebekah Waldhauer, Psi
Cheryl Lamm, Rho
Alina Quintana, Alpha Gamma

Additional Ways to Give

Planned Giving

More information coming soon.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a tradition of the Educational Foundation since its founding in 1967. By giving on a sister’s or chapter’s behalf you can honor them in a meaningful and tangible way.

With gifts starting at $5, the Educational Foundation notifies the honoree(s)/next-of-kin with a special Educational Foundation letter.

Friends and Parents

Delta Phi Epsilon is thankful for the support from parents and other friends of DPhiE. It is only with continued support that The Educational Foundation can provide a sisterhood experience rich with tradition, innovation and opportunities for growth.

Corporate Match

Did you know that many companies offer matching gifts to encourage philanthropy among their employees? By checking your eligibility, you may be able to double or triple the impact of your gift.


In addition to financial support, Delta Phi Epsilon is always in need of dedicated volunteers. Our young members thrive through their guidance, our chapter leaders succeed through their mentorship and our sorority is strengthened by their leadership.

DPhiE needs engaging alumnae and advocates with the talents, wisdom and energy to help us in our mission to provide everyone a sisterhood experience rich in tradition, innovation and opportunities for growth.