Our Programs

International Leadership Forum (ILF)


Every two years, the members of Delta Phi Epsilon come together to learn and grow as individuals.  Through keynote and breakout sessions on topics that are relevant to today’s world, the membership expands their horizons. Through opportunities to connect during meals and sessions, bonds with other members from across the country that will last a lifetime are solidified.  The programs are fully focused on personal and professional growth of our membership as women, leaders, professionals and friends and are carried out by industry leaders.

PEARL (Personal Enrichment Activities for Responsible Living) Program

Developed through the use of student development theories, the PEARL Program creates opportunities for members to contribute to their personal development, the sorority and surrounding community. Through group and individual activities, a member develops skills in the five core areas of development for women as outlined below. Across the course of the academic year (for undergraduates) or the calendar year (for alumnae), members are expected to participate in 20 PEARL events (four from each of the five areas) and one Personal Development PEARL lasting the entire year, representing the 21 Pearls on our sisterhood badge.

Areas of personal development that drive all programs within Delta Phi Epsilon(The 5 S’s)

Self PEARL experiences focus on developing physical and mental well-being.


Scholarship PEARL experiences focus on academic achievement, professional development and gaining a deeper understanding of the world around us.

Sisterhood PEARL experiences focus on cultivating the bond between new members, sisters and alumnae.

Social PEARL experiences focus on fostering interactions in and out of the fraternity and sorority community that build broader understanding of diversity of thought, equity and inclusion.

Service PEARL experiences focus on involvement in philanthropic participation and community service.

This program was developed and has been in use since the early 1990s.  The PEARL Program was created by Linda Blockus, Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Dartmouth College; Suzanne Valliere, Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University and Mary Beth Englebride, Phi Chi Chapter at University of Maryland Baltimore County. 

STAR (Sisters Targeting Academic Resources) Program

The STAR Program offers members opportunities to share ideas and insights on how to get the most from their college academic experience. Through individual STAR sister pairings and group STAR sessions, our members focus on the reason they are in school- to learn and succeed academically.

STAR Sisters pairs new members and older members based on their college, academic program and/or class schedule. This provides an additional opportunity for undergraduate members to find resources for academic success within the sisterhood. 

The STAR Sessions focus on academic issues that are relevant and important to new members. Chapters partner with campus offices such as the Writing Center, Academic Advising and Living/Learning Communities to provide members with academic-focused programming.

Team Excellence-Leadership Development Program


Team Excellence is an organizational structure that invites all members to participate in chapter operations. The strategy of this team-based structure is to better distribute responsibility throughout the chapter and subsequently increase skills, sisterhood connections, individual member ownership and engagement, and overall chapter support. 

The hallmark of this program is how it relates to the real-world corporation or organization, making transition into the workforce easier for our members.  Building competencies that are valued by future employers, Team Excellence creates an incubator experience for our members.  The chapter is led by a group of 6 to 10 leadership team members(LT), who each have coordinators or committee chairs to complete the “work” or operations of the chapter or association day to day. This allows for more involvement and engagement at all levels of membership.  Through the operations of the chapter or association, each woman is developing real world skills like strategic planning. conflict resolution and accountability.

Team Excellence was developed by Past International Executive Director, Felicia Ausbury, Epsilon Pi Chapter at SUNY Plattsburgh.  Felicia entered Chapter Eternal on September 9, 2014. Our sisterhood remembers her through this cornerstone program.