Not Four Years, For Life

When you took the oath at initiation, you pledged yourself to a lifetime of sisterhood. As alumnae, you have the opportunity to take advantage of all that our sisterhood has to offer. Whether networking in a new city, attending an event for professional development, or helping undergraduate chapters grow and thrive, your opportunities are endless.

Staying Connected

In today’s world, women are accomplishing many things. As we navigate life, careers and relationships, our plates are often full. Staying as connected to our sisterhood as much as we were in school can be a challenge, but the Delta Phi Epsilon sisterhood is always valuable. 

Whether you stay connected through our social media pages, attend an event in your area, join an alumnae association, advise a local chapter, or even invest in the future through a donation to the Educational Foundation, you will always have a place with your sisterhood here at DPhiE.

Come Back Home

Have you been thinking about reconnecting with DPhiE? DPhiE was where you found friendship, growth, acceptance and support. Now is the time to come back home to Delta Phi Epsilon. Get involved, give back and remember what sisterhood can be. We are waiting for you!

Are you transitioning into alumnae sisterhood?

Sometimes this transition into alumnae sisterhood can be daunting. Where do you start to connect?  Who do you call?  How can you give back to the sisterhood that has given you so many friends and memories?  Wherever you are on the spectrum, there is an opportunity for you to stay connected and engaged in Delta Phi Epsilon.

The best way to begin your alumna journey is by joining an alumnae association. Alumnae associations can provide friendships in a new city, a professional network, mentorship and opportunities to serve the local community.