Recruitment FAQ

How do I join?

Each campus has a different sorority recruitment process. Use our Chapter Locator to find a chapter near you. If Delta Phi Epsilon is on your campus, you can reach out to the chapter directly to learn more about their recruitment process. If you’d like to discuss opening a Delta Phi Epsilon chapter on your campus, email

I missed my university’s formal recruitment process. Can I still join?

You may still be able to join! Contact the College Panhellenic or Delta Phi Epsilon chapter on your campus to see if there are still opportunities available. Even if you have to wait until next term to go through recruitment, you are still welcome to attend Delta Phi Epsilon events!

Is there anything I need to submit to my campus’s chapter before joining?

Our chapters do not require any specific information from potential new members. Depending on your campus, you may need to complete a registration or interest form before participating in recruitment. If you are a legacy, make sure your relative completes a legacy submission form so the chapter is aware.

What are Delta Phi Epsilon’s philanthropies?

Delta Phi Epsilon has partnerships with three philanthropies internationally. The three are the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, ANAD (The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders), and The Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation.

How does Delta Phi Epsilon work with their philanthropies?

Delta Phi Epsilon encourages our chapters to creatively fundraise and raise awareness on their campus about our philanthropies. Chapters hold events such as 65 Roses Gala to raise funds and awareness of Cystic Fibrosis, Deepher Dude; which is our sweetheart competition and many other events that are specific to the active chapter. Chapters have also held smaller tabling opportunities or utilize their social media for engagement with the community about our philanthropies.

What is Delta Phi Epsilon's stance on social justice issues currently going on?

At the beginning of many of our chapter’s returning to campus for the Fall 2020 semester, DPhiE IHQ released our Anti-Racist Resoultion. Our global purpose is to assure our membership is about creating a sense of belonging for all. We are working to provide educational opportunities for members to engage with, as well as leadership roles in the chapter specifically around diversity, equity, and inclusion to assure the chapter is a safe space for these important conversations to be had.

Does Delta Phi Epsilon require recommendation letters?

Internationally, Delta Phi Epsilon does not require recommendation letters, however they can be considered on a chapter-by-chapter basis.