Delta Phi Epsilon Encourages Members to Vote for Women’s Rights As Supreme Court Revokes Right to Abortion

PHILADELPHIA—The Supreme Court of the United States today ruled to uphold the 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi, effectively eliminating federal protection to abortion rights first established nearly 50 years ago in the ruling of Roe v. Wade. In response to this immediate denial of health care for millions of Americans, the leaders of Delta Phi Epsilon are calling for members to vote this fall in favor of women and other minority rights.

Delta Phi Epsilon International Executive Director Nicole DeFeo issued the following statement:

“Today, 36 million women, in addition to countless other individuals who can become pregnant, can no longer access abortion in their state. Without Roe v. Wade, bodily autonomy is now out of reach for the majority of people in this country. Without bodily autonomy, we are stripped of ethical agency and excluded from humanity.

Women’s rights are under attack. Pregnancy’s monumental impact on a woman’s body, health, future, opportunity and freedom cannot be minimized. The consequences of this decision will be seismic for generations to come.

And this is only the beginning. History has shown us that rights for women, in addition to other minority groups like the LGBTQ community and Black, brown and Indigenous communities, will continue to chip away if we do not take a stand for our rights and futures.

As part of Delta Phi Epsilon’s vision to empower our sisterhood to engage in a lifetime of leadership and service, the international sorority encourages all of its members to speak up for the injustices within our world, including at the ballot box, which we believe is the most effective way to make change.

Our founders were among the first women to exercise their right to vote and we encourage our members to exercise that right in their tradition. Do your part to elect candidates that represent your convictions and protect your rights.

While devastating for many of us, We must not let this decision deflate us. We must remain inspired and rededicated to activism in the protection of our rights and our futures.”


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