Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation Announces New Annual Scholarship - Madeleine Claire McNulty (MCM) Scholarship

A new annual grant that supports a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE) sorority pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree, who has overcome a significant medical, personal or family difficulty. Gina Curtis, Epsilon Upsilon Chapter at Humboldt State University and President of the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation made the announcement.

This scholarship, endowed by family and friends of the McNulty family, honors the memory of its namesake, Madeleine Claire McNulty daughter of past International President Dawn Barta McNulty, Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University; niece of Sara Barta Tvrdik; granddaughter of Shirley Barta and goddaughter of Jo Ellen Pisone Gregie, all of whom are sisters from Phi Sigma Chapter.

Born March 28, 2000, Madeleine was quick to laughter and always ready with a compliment or kind word to make someone’s day. A diligent student, passionate dancer and Special Olympics gold medalist Madeleine embodied our founding values of Justice, Sisterhood, and Love. Battling a lifelong seizure disorder, enduring countless medical interventions including a complicated two-part brain surgery in 2010, and working tirelessly to develop academic, social, and life skills Madeleine was the epitome of embracing all of life’s moments. She inspired family, friends and classmates to “live like Madeleine.” Sadly, Madeleine passed away at the age of 16 due to an epileptic seizure.

Madeleine’s mother, Dawn, was initiated in 1988. She traveled as an International Leadership Consultant and then continued as an international alumna volunteer. Madeleine was born during Dawn’s tenure as International President (1999 – 2004) and attended her first International Leadership Forum (formerly known as International Convention) as an infant. Dawn currently serves as a Director on Educational Foundation and Chair of the Scholarship Program.

Dawn, her husband Tom, and Madeleine’s siblings Devin and Caitlin chose Delta Phi Epsilon as the beneficiary of a scholarship endowment among the many worthy causes that impacted Madeleine’s life for one simple reason: sisterhood. From the moment past Foundation president, Donna Von Bruening asked the delicate question, “Where would you like charitable contributions sent?” The response the family offered was, “the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation.”

“From the moment Madeleine had her first seizure to the moment we lost her – for almost 17 years – sisterhood supported me. I do not mean sisterhood only in the sense of a shoulder to lean on, I mean sisterhood in the sense that my membership provided leadership and life skills that made me an educated, empowered, resourceful tireless advocate for my daughter and my family. It contributed to my ability to create a fulfilling life for a special needs child, for a family living with special needs, in 3 different countries over the span of two decades and to, eventually, reenter my professional field following her loss. Sisterhood IS for a lifetime…and beyond,” said Past International President Dawn Barta McNulty.

The Educational Foundation provides academic scholarships as well as grants for leadership and personal development for the DPhiE sisterhood, both active members and alumnae. The Foundation was founded in 1966, at the golden anniversary of DPhiE.

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Arleen Kruger Honick Scholarship – Honoring the depths of sisterhood.

Arleen Kruger Honick, Psi Chapter at the University of Georgia is one of our sisterhood’s most prolific leaders, volunteers and supporters. Adding to her years of dedication to Delta Phi Epsilon, Arleen’s commitment has reached even greater heights recently with the Arleen Kruger Honick Scholarship named in her honor. This scholarship, which began last year honors Arleen for her dedication to DPhiE through volunteering and serving as past international president.

The journey to having a scholarship in her name started with the blossoming relationship she felt for our sisterhood while in school. Had it not been for the sorority, Arleen said she would have considered even withdrawing from school. But DPhiE provided a sense of belonging with sisters who would help her flourish.

Arleen reciprocated with that love by becoming a leader within her chapter and as an advisor when she graduated. Her devotion took her to the highest rank of service to the sisterhood when she joined our Executive Council, now known as the International Governing Board (IGB) as the vice president of rush and pledge programs. She subsequently served as president.

Arleen continues to serve the sisterhood as a member of the IGB and always has a kind word and helpful advice for all who need it.

Recipients of the Arleen Kruger Honick Scholarship must be undergraduate members of the Psi Chapter at the University of Georgia, Honick’s home chapter.

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Dr. Toby Tamarkin Scholarship Named After One of the Hardest Working Women We Know.

Dr. Toby Tamarkin of the Sigma Chapter at The Ohio State University worked her way through college. Her focused dedication to her education while having to work a job is a testament to her fortitude. Her drive created a successful 33-year career as a teacher, professor and administrator, touching the lives of hundreds of students. She also was a leader in language education at the local, state, regional and national level.

The Educational Foundation’s scholarship in her honor celebrates her industrious spirit.

“If there is a sister who has lived out the DPhiE value to “be” something rather than just do something, Toby Tamarkin is that sister,” said International Executive Director Nicole DeFeo, Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers University Camden.

First granted in 2017, the Dr. Toby Tamarkin Scholarship is awarded to the recipient who demonstrates this drive.

Applicants must be studying for a career in education and, like Toby, must have a job to help them attain their goal. Graduate students who apply should be involved in at least one organization in their educational field.

The scholarship is endowed by the Tamarkin family in partnership with the Foundation, which provides academic scholarships as well as personal development workshops for the DPhiE sisterhood, both active members and alumnae.

“From my experience visiting sisters, chapters and alumnae, we have many women who embody Toby’s work ethic,” Nicole said.

Toby has served many roles in her life including scholar, educator, leader, wife, mother, gardener, friend, boxing judge and tireless champion and role model for women.

Joining DPhiE in 1955 at Ohio State University, Toby earned her graduate and doctoral degrees in a double major of Spanish language and Literature with advanced teaching methodologies. Before retirement, Toby served as Academic Vice President at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts.

A resident of Florida, she has the unusual distinction of being one of that state’s few women professional boxing judges.  She is an active member of our Educational Foundation’s Scholarship Committee.

“To have a scholarship that celebrates the kind of commitment to education as Toby has is a heartfelt honor to bestow,” Nicole said.

If you are like or know someone who is like Toby and would like to apply for this scholarship, please visit to learn more and apply.


The Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship - Honoring the life of a young champion.

The Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship, named in commemoration of the daughter of Past International President Dawn Barta McNulty, Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University was created to support a sorority member who has overcome a medical, personal or family difficulty.

Madeleine was a diligent student, passionate dancer and Special Olympics gold medalist. She embodied our founding values of Justice, Sisterhood, and Love.

Having battled a lifelong seizure disorder, Madeleine lost her battle with epilepsy early last year. The McNulty family had designated the Educational Foundation to receive donations in memory of their beloved daughter and has since endowed this scholarship.

Scheduled to be awarded for the first time in 2019, The Madeleine Claire McNulty Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a collegiate member from the pool of applicants being reviewed for scholarship at this time.

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