Lisa Shannon (Andrew) Condon, CBB, CSP, CSPO, is a sister from the Phi Tau chapter at Rutgers University – Camden and will be transitioning into the role of International President at this summer’s International Leadership Forum. She is the type of person who makes you feel comfortable with who you are and who is so familiar—yet, you cannot believe you have not yet met her. This most likely stems from her deep engagement with her community, as well as her 25+ years of experience in an executive capacity across sales, marketing and customer service.

A highly accomplished Senior Executive, C-Suite Officer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Board Member, Lisa’s broad areas of expertise include strategic planning, executive coaching, marketing strategy, business strategy and development, process development, social media and networking, and team building.

For decades, Lisa has cultivated her leadership and inclination to help others succeed by partnering with individuals and businesses on creative strategy, marketing solutions, and inspirational development. This became the foundation for Lisa Condon Enterprises (LCE), a company that sparks inspiration, innovation, and collaboration through gratitude.

Why do you volunteer for Delta Phi Epsilon?

As a young adult, after college graduation, I found myself focused on my career and ultimately in a state that was far away from where my chapter sisters were located. During that time, I grew personally and professionally, ultimately giving back to my local community by sitting on boards or committees. When I relocated to an area closer to where I went to college, the first thing I did was reach out to DPhiE to see how I could get involved. I had experience under my belt and I knew the importance of giving back to a community I loved. DPhiE not only impacted my life; but so many countless people directly or indirectly throughout varying phases of their life journey. DPhiE is a deep part of who I am and there is no better place for me to volunteer than to my chosen family.


What do you hope to accomplish while serving on the International Governing Board? Or what do you bring to the table?

As the incoming IGB President, there are many things I hope to accomplish. They all revolve around expansion, growth, and transformation. More than that; I want to inspire members of our sorority at every level of involvement and whatever part of the journey they are on. We have an opportunity to come together and make great change as a sisterhood. I want to work with the BOD and HQ to help lead that charge and pave the way for the DPhiE generations to come.

Favorite Delta Phi Epsilon memory? 

As a collegiate, the day my car got named the fruit-loop mobile. I will leave that to my Big, Lori, to tell the story someday. As an adult, the day that I received the call that I was nominated by Arleen to be on the IGB. It was an incredibly proud moment for me.


How has Delta Phi Epsilon impacted your life?

How has it not? I think when you are surrounded by a group of people who are living passionately and who are determined to make change as they can, you see the world differently. Especially in these last two years, where the organization had to pivot due to an international pandemic, I was absolutely inspired by the leadership of both Nicole and Roxanne, and the commitment of our membership. Together we stayed strong. This is empowering every single day, and elicits me to continue to bring out the best version of myself. I often remind myself of when I was interviewed by new members coming into the Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers Camden and one of the questions was “What did I want to be after college?” My answer was, “Happy.” To this day, the choice to be a member of this amazing sisterhood has contributed to that happiness. 

If you could tell an undergraduate sister one thing, what would it be?

Live your authentic self passionately, as you never know who you are inspiring along the way. 

Lisa and the rest of the incoming IGB will transition into their positions at this year’s ILF on July 21 through July 24, 2022 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Want to get in on the ILF fun? There’s still time! Register now for the Unicorn Stampede by clicking here.

This blog series is to highlight the members of the 2022 International Governing Board who will transition into their roles at this year’s International Leadership Forum. The International Governing Board focuses on the overall governance of the sorority and strategic planning for each biennium. These positions are elected every two years.