Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Philosophy on Health & Wellness

In October of 2019, the International Governing Board accepted the following philosophy on health and wellness.

Delta Phi Epsilon strives to create a sense of belonging for all members.
Belonging is a human need, just like food, water, and safety. Delta Phi Epsilon recognizes true belonging can only occur if one’s basic needs-primarily one’s health and safety-are met.

Delta Phi Epsilon centers its membership experience on cultivating an environment where collegiate and alumnae members thrive physically,
mentally, emotionally, academically, spiritually, and authentically.

The collegiate experience calls for understanding and commitment to healthy decision making, peer accountability, and operating within the policies, procedures, and laws Delta Phi Epsilon chapters exist within. It re9uires individual members to challenge the status quo and uphold the founding principles of Justice, Sisterhood, and Love the organization is built upon.

The alumnae volunteer experience calls for positive role modeling, ongoing training and development, and informed commitment to challenging the

The International Governing Board and Headquarters staff must cultivate effective partnerships with host institutions and peer organizations, root the undergraduate membership experience in co-curricular context with an emphasis on student learning, and commit to ongoing development of
preventative policies, procedures, programs, and resources that facilitate safe and respectful environments for all members.

We know college environments can pose challenge to healthy decision-making. We also believe in honest reflection when mistakes occur and lifelong learning. Delta Phi Epsilon believes in empowering members to take ownership for their actions-positive and negative-and aims to instill a culture of responsibility through standardized accountability processes at the undergraduate, alumnae, and international levels.

Holistic health, wellness, and safety are critical for establishing belonging. Delta Phi Epsilon is committed to the ongoing education, enforcement, and
evolution of data-driven risk prevention and harm reduction practices to ensure all members can thrive.