From the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Philosophy on Health & Wellness:

“Delta Phi Epsilon strives to create a sense of belonging for all members.

Belonging is a human need, just like food, water, and safety. Delta Phi Epsilon recognizes true belonging can only occur if one’s basic needs – primarily one’s health and safety – are met.

Delta Phi Epsilon centers its membership experience on cultivating an environment where collegiate and alumnae members thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, academically, spiritually, and authentically.

The collegiate experience calls for understanding and commitment to healthy decision making, peer accountability, and operating within the policies, procedures, and laws Delta Phi Epsilon chapters exist within. It requires individual members to challenge the status quo and uphold the founding principles of Justice, Sisterhood, and Love the organization is built upon.”

Membership Commitments in the Context of COVID-19:

To align with Delta Phi Epsilon’s Collegiate Expectations of Membership and Philosophy on Health & Wellness, and to ensure health and safety is a top priority in creating a true sense of belonging for all, collegiate members are asked to commit to the following during the 2020 – 2021 academic year:

1. I will adhere to guidelines provided by the CDC, state and local health departments, college/university officials, and Delta Phi Epsilon international and local leadership regarding attendance at events and/or participation in activities that are not required by my academic coursework.

2. If requested, and if required by my college/university, I will wear a mask any time I am not able to maintain social distancing; including during any in-person Delta Phi Epsilon events or activities and at all times when I am in common or communal Delta Phi Epsilon-associated living spaces with fellow members or nonmembers.

3. If my chapter has a facility, suite, or lodge, I will adhere to new rules and procedures regarding food service, sleeping quarters, hosting of guests (including non-resident members), scheduling of study spaces, and other changes as required and/or listed in the Delta Phi Epsilon COVID-19 Facility Operations and Guidelines to help keep myself and my sisters safe.

4. I will strive to embody Delta Phi Epsilon’s Collegiate Expectations of Membership and separate Human Dignity Policy, and as part of that, respect the health and safety concerns of all individuals associated with Delta Phi Epsilon including fellow members, chapter advisors, college/university staff, international leadership and headquarters staff, and non-members that come into contact with the chapter.

5. I understand that while Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority and my host college/university will take precautions to provide health and safety guidelines and procedures to assist with social distancing, it will be up to me and my chapter sisters to follow these guidelines to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

6. As a collegiate member of Delta Phi Epsilon, I commit to sharing this responsibility of sisterhood to create a healthy and safe chapter experience where all members can find belonging and thrive.