Consistent with our Founder’s courageous vision, Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority’s Policy on trans women and gender non-binary individuals supports the sorority’s three core pillars of justice, sisterhood, and love, and reflects our commitment to anti-discrimination practices. 

Gender and sex-based equity are, and have always been, a fundamental element of justice. Our motto states “to be, rather than to seem to be.” We cannot profess to be inclusive, and yet exclude or render silent our trans and/or non-binary members. As the public understanding and definition of gender identity and expression evolves, so must our understanding and definition of what makes a person eligible for inclusion in sisterhood. We believe this policy continues our long legacy of leadership relating to our commitment to sisterhood itself. 

The purpose of this policy is to establish an environment that is safe, free from stigma and discrimination, and welcoming for all potential new members, sisters, volunteers and staff, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. 

Delta Phi Epsilon welcomes members who identify as women, including transgender women, and gender non-binary individuals, regardless of their sex assigned at birth. All members must uphold and represent Delta Phi Epsilon’s values and philosophies. 

Trans women and non-binary individuals, therefore, may be included as members in all areas of the organization, provided that they accept and share in the collective values and experiences of the sisterhood. Under the auspices of self-governing chapters and alumnae associations, the ultimate decision to extend a bid for membership is solely that of the chapter or association members. 

Notwithstanding that this is Delta Phi Epsilon’s Policy on trans women, and gender non-binary individuals, we trust and empower each one of our Chapters to make decisions that are the best for their Chapters and the Sorority in their recruitment activities. Members must not obstruct recruitment, create hostile environments for transgender and/or non-binary members, or inhibit leadership or scholarship opportunities for those members. 

Names and Pronouns
Supporting this policy, Delta Phi Epsilon believes that every individual has the right to be addressed by a name and pronouns that correspond to the individual’s gender identity. Whether or not a transgender or gender nonconforming individual has legally changed their name or gender, Delta Phi Epsilon will allow individuals to use a name and gender pronouns that reflect their identity. It is recommended that all members be asked how they want to be addressed. 

We welcome all women as they self-identify, regardless of gender expression. This includes cisgender women and transgender women. Those individuals who identify as gender non-binary may be considered for membership, provided they are committed to the advancement of womanhood. 

Individuals who identify as male are not eligible for membership regardless of their commitment to the advancement of womanhood and/or identification with women’s issues and concerns. 

No member is required to provide documentation regarding their gender.