Dr. Toby Tamarkin of the Sigma Chapter at The Ohio State University worked her way through college. Her focused dedication to her education while having to work a job is a testament to her fortitude. Her drive created a successful 33-year career as a teacher, professor and administrator, touching the lives of hundreds of students. She also was a leader in language education at the local, state, regional and national level.

The Educational Foundation’s scholarship in her honor celebrates her industrious spirit.

“If there is a sister who has lived out the DPhiE value to “be” something rather than just do something, Toby Tamarkin is that sister,” said International Executive Director Nicole DeFeo, Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers University Camden.

First granted in 2017, the Dr. Toby Tamarkin Scholarship is awarded to the recipient who demonstrates this drive.

Applicants must be studying for a career in education and, like Toby, must have a job to help them attain their goal. Graduate students who apply should be involved in at least one organization in their educational field.

The scholarship is endowed by the Tamarkin family in partnership with the Foundation, which provides academic scholarships as well as personal development workshops for the DPhiE sisterhood, both active members and alumnae.

“From my experience visiting sisters, chapters and alumnae, we have many women who embody Toby’s work ethic,” Nicole said.

Toby has served many roles in her life including scholar, educator, leader, wife, mother, gardener, friend, boxing judge and tireless champion and role model for women.

Joining DPhiE in 1955 at Ohio State University, Toby earned her graduate and doctoral degrees in a double major of Spanish language and Literature with advanced teaching methodologies. Before retirement, Toby served as Academic Vice President at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts.

A resident of Florida, she has the unusual distinction of being one of that state’s few women professional boxing judges.  She is an active member of our Educational Foundation’s Scholarship Committee.

“To have a scholarship that celebrates the kind of commitment to education as Toby has is a heartfelt honor to bestow,” Nicole said.

If you are like or know someone who is like Toby and would like to apply for this scholarship, please visit www.dphie.org/scholarships to learn more and apply.