Are you considering volunteering as a chapter advisor for DPhiE but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you? By supporting DPhiE as a volunteer, you are giving back to the organization that supported and empowered you throughout your college years. As an advisor you’ll reconnect to the organization and help our members to thrive.With a strong support system of volunteers, DPhiE will continue to provide a sense of belonging for all members. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to volunteer for Delta Phi Epsilon:

  1. Strengthen your Resume. Boost your resume skills by gaining first hand experiences as a chapter advisor. Our volunteers receive training and experience with conflict management, working with generation z, communication skills, working as part of a team and relationship building. Participate in our monthly advisor training for continued development throughout the year!
  2. Empower Young Leaders. Looking for an opportunity to guide and empower young leaders? As a chapter advisor you get a one on one mentorship experience with a member of the leadership team. Bring your DPhiE and professional experience to the table to help shape the leaders of tomorrow and reach their full potential. You’ll feel proud to have a hand in their journey. 
  3. Get Inspired. Are you feeling stuck? Use volunteering to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. Taking a break from your normal routine can be refreshing and rewarding. You’ll be inspired through connections with other sisters, working towards a common goal and seeing all the work that DPhiE is doing to spread our mission and values.
  4. Find Community. Did you move to a new area and are missing that sense of belonging? Join a chapter advisory board for an automatic group of friends that share the same values and ideals. You’ll automatically have a new support network of sisters in your new home.
  5. Reconnect to DPhiE. Are you missing out on DPhiE and all of the late night chats, philanthropy events, and sisterhood bonding? You’ll get to experience a whole new perspective on sisterhood as an advisor. Guide chapters to create stronger sisterhood bonds, connect with sisters from across the country, connect with the organization through monthly virtual programming, and have some fun.

Interested in getting involved? Join our volunteer team today by filling out the volunteer interest form on our website: