Sisterhood for a Lifetime

Amora LaucellaAs the Lead advisor for the Beta Omega chapter, Amora Laucella often reflects on why she joined Delta Phi Epsilon: to inspire passion and purpose to her sisters. She shared “When I was going through recruitment I didn’t know exactly where my place would be but the second I saw DPhiE, the motto, and learned about our Founders’ I knew it was the organization for me. An organization that helps sisters use their voices and lead!” After graduating, she knew she wanted to  volunteer and give others the same sense of belonging she received. 

Since taking on a volunteer role, Amora’s love for Delta Phi Epsilon has only deepened. Because of her volunteer role she’s connected with sisters across the country and Canada through advising meetings, committee work and the International Leadership Forum. “Being a chapter advisor gives you an outside perspective. You get to building meaningful relationships along the way and  it truly shows you what it means to be a sister of DPhiE.” 

As an advisor, she continues to live by our values and motto and uses them as a guide point in leadership. “After graduation, you will always carry the motto with you but as an alumna you bring a whole different perspective to it. We’re more than just meetings, this is a true sisterhood where we love and accept each other. I get to share what it means from my perspective to show that there’s purpose behind it all.” She loves watching sisters live our mottos and values from the time they join DPhiE until their graduation. Seeing herself as their big sister, she takes pride in having a hand in helping the next generation of sisters find their place in the world and use their gifts to make a difference. She is always there to love and support them and provide a sense of mentorship. “I feel so lucky to be a step in their journey to help them get there and recognize their full potential.” 

Amora encourages sisters everywhere to volunteer for DPhiE to reconnect with the organization all over again. She shared, “As a volunteer you have to put in the time, love and care to help DPhiE grow. Volunteering is a labor of love – you have to have a great love for DPhiE and what we stand for to help sisters become the best they can be. You’re joining a team that’s bigger than just you”

This year marks Amora’s 10 year anniversary since joining Delta Phi Epsilon. Reflecting on her commitment to DPhiE as an alumna she shared, “I think about our Founders’ a lot and how they would feel if they were around today. I hope that I am making the DIMES proud.”