By: Amanda Landry, LMHC, NCC, CAP

March for DPhiE sisters is a big deal.  It marks our Founder’s Day, a time we celebrate what the DIMES created for our sisterhood.  March is also Women’s History Month.  What a perfect month for us women, the sisters of Delta  Phi Epsilon, to take time for wellness and self-care.

The Wellness Committee has formed and will be creating content on a regular basis to support you in your wellness journey.  We will focus on the following seven areas of wellness.  While this list is not comprehensive, it’s a great starting place for you to assess your overall wellness and create a plan to take care of yourself, whether that’s through small self-care rituals everyday or by taking bigger steps and following through with recommended medical treatments.  

Here are the seven areas of wellness that you can begin to work on, with ideas on how to begin your wellness journey:

Mental Health: Check in with a local therapist and begin working on your mental health.  Not ready to start working with a therapist?  Connect with supportive sisters on a regular basis and share your feelings with each other.  This is the power of our sisterhood at it’s finest.  

Active Health:  Get moving!  This means different things for different people.  Being active can be as simple as going for a 20 minute walk or setting a goal for running that marathon you’ve wanted to complete.  Looking to connect with sisters?  Plan a dance or yoga class as a sisterhood or alumnae event.  There are a lot of places who are hosting events through Zoom and they can be equally as fun and engaging as in-person.   

Medical Health: Follow-up with your primary care doctor and make sure you’ve had a physical within a year.  While we aren’t going to give you any specific medical advice, we do recommend that you follow medical recommendations for your medical staff.    

Sexual/Reproductive Health:  This is another area where following up once a year with your medical team is going to be important.  Find a doctor you know, like and trust.  Be sure to ask them whatever questions you have and ensure that you get the answers you are looking for.  Reproductive and sexual health can create a lot of fear for people so having someone on your side that can guide you is important.  For college-aged sisters, there are usually a lot of free resources on campus to help you get started.  

Dermatology/Skin Care: Wear sunscreen!  This is probably skin care 101 for most women; however it is the best advice out there.    

Spiritual Health:  Spirituality means different things to different people.  We want you to make your own interpretation on what spiritual health means to you.  When working on wellness, be sure to look for ways to consider your spiritual health; whether that’s attending church, meditating or being out in nature.  

Holistic Health: When working on wellness and health, it’s important to work on a holistic approach and consider a variety of ways to seek your solutions.  Holistic health actually looks at all of the areas outlined here when considering wellness. 

We look forward to providing you with content on each of these areas to ensure our sisterhood is focused on wellness.  While March is a good time to reset and reevaluate your wellness journey, wellness and health is something important to consider throughout your year.    

Name: Amanda Landry

Chapter: Beta Tau

Bio: I’m Amanda and I’m excited you have found me. I love working with young adults to find their passion in life, remove blocks that are keeping them from being their most awesome self and learn to live a life they have always dreamed.I practice therapy in a beautiful and comfortable office in Davie & Wellington Florida at my own private practice called Caring Therapists of Broward & Palm Beach. I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addictions Professional and National Certified Counselor. I’ve been a therapist for more than 8 years and absolutely love what I do. I’ve worked with teenagers overcome addictions, young adults go off to college and become successful, and young adults overcome depression and anxiety. I have helped couple’s save their marriages and relationships.  Find out more at