After a difficult 2020, Heather P. Kahn (Omega Chapter) is heading into 2021 with hope. 

Working at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans, Heather spent most of this past year having difficult conversations. As COVID patients entered the emergency room, Heather admitted them and laid out any risk factors. She was the one to share with patients and families that if they were put on a ventilator, it was not likely that they would survive. While the end was near for too many, her job was to make her patients comfortable and support them throughout the process. To say this year was difficult would be an understatement. 

In March, her hospital’s staffing was cut thin. They did not have enough personal protective equipment to protect themselves or their patients. Calling in staff from other departments, they worked tirelessly to keep their community safe. Heather’s advice to sisters would be to “Listen to the social distancing guidelines, wear a mask and wash your hands. Take your symptoms seriously, just because you receive a negative test does not mean you do not have COVID. If you come in contact with the virus, take the full 14 days to quarantine.”

2020 was tough but she is feeling optimistic about 2021 with vaccine distribution in full swing. The moment she received her vaccination, she felt hope. Heather shared, “Everyone has to be open to the vaccine – we wish we could provide it to everyone right now. The more people get involved the brighter the future will be. Things will get better.” Heather did not experience any adverse side effects more than the normal soreness at the point of injection. She encourages all sisters of DPhiE to stay hopeful and do your research! With a high effective rate for the vaccine, we can help each other stay safe. She shared, “It’s going to take some time, but it is the best option we have for fighting the virus.” Stay alert and see when you’re eligible to receive the vaccine in your state. By receiving the vaccine, you are taking a stance and advocating for a more hopeful 2021.