Chapter advisors are vital to the success of Delta Phi Epsilon! Our advisors provide guidance, mentorship, and a sense of belonging to chapter and leadership team members creating a positive sisterhood experience. We are thankful for all of the work they put in to help our chapters thrive – we know our chapter members are thankful for their support as well! This month we need your help to celebrate our advisors. Here are 10 ways your chapter can celebrate your advisors this month. 

  1. Snail Mail: Write your chapter advisor a handwritten thank you note! DPhiE volunteers devote their time and talents to helping your chapter thrive. Take a moment to reflect on their dedication to DPhiE and your favorite memories together.
  2. Virtual Card Shower: Back in the day to celebrate special occasions, sisters sent an abundance of cards to the house of the sister being celebrated. Why not try this through email, text or group message! Have your chapter members send a message to your advisor on the same day and time so that they are showered with appreciation.
  3. Social Media: Create an instagram story template for your chapter to use showing appreciation for your chapter advisor! Members can even share photos with their advisors for the chance to be featured on our official Instagram page. Be sure to tag @dphieihq!
  4. Swag: Surprise your advisor with our new DPhiE volunteer merchandise at under the “Volunteer Appreciation Month” tab. Choose from our volunteer quarter zip, pocket tee shirt, or baseball hat! 
  5. Coffee: After those long hours of recruitment and virtual meetings, our advisors deserve a pick me up! Send them a virtual coffee gift card to make their day and help them power through the end of the semester. 
  6. Virtual Celebration: To wrap up a year of virtual meetings, why not add one more to the calendar to celebrate your advisors! Play a game of DPhiE trivia, Most Likely To, or just take a moment to go around and thank your advisor. 
  7. Tik Tok: Most of us spend way too much time on Tik Tok these days. Why not create a Tik Tok video thanking your advisors! Get creative with this and tag @dphieihq for your video to be shared on your official Tik Tok account. 
  8. Care Package: Send your advisor a self care package to help them relax after the semester. Include a facemask, bath bomb, candle and their favorite treat. Include a card expressing gratitude for their hard work this year.
  9. Chapter Meeting Shoutout: Celebrate your advisor at a chapter meeting this month by going around and sharing your favorite memory. Does your chapter award a “sister of the week”? Why not award this to your chapter advisor!
  10. Individual “Thank You”: Our advisors devote their time to the success of DPhiE because of their passion for the organization. A simple “thank you” can go a long way! Share your appreciation to your advisor one on one so that they know their work is appreciated.  

Regardless of how your chapter chooses to celebrate, take time to thank your chapter advisors for all they do. Their devotion to your chapter and DPhiE is noticed and appreciated.