Roxanne Donovan, a sister from the Gamma chapter at Syracuse University, will be ending her term as international president and transitioning into a general member position during this year’s International Leadership Forum.

She is President of Great Ink, one of the country’s leading real estate-focused public relations firms, a business she founded in 1992. ( Her firm represents the full spectrum of the industry-commercial, residential, finance, legal, construction, design, advisory, information services, and trade organizations in New York and nationally.

She is a member of many professional organizations, including ULI, WX and the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Also active philanthropist, Roxanne founded Uniting Against Lung Cancer, which today is the Lung Cancer Research Foundation, funding innovative research to conquer the world’s #1 cancer killer. She is also a Trustee of PEN American Center (, the nation’s oldest human rights organization, protecting writers’ freedom of expression in the US around the world and promoting international literary fellowship.

Roxanne is married to Tom Scarangello, Executive Chairman of Thornton Tomasetti, a leading structuring engineering firm with 36 offices worldwide. She has two sons, Elliot and Anthony. She resides in New York.

Why do you volunteer for Delta Phi Epsilon?

I volunteer for Delta Phi Epsilon because I want to make a contribution to help protect and promote the organization, to make sure other members and new generations have the opportunities and experiences that remain so valuable to me – even 40 years after joining.

What do you hope to accomplish while serving on the International Governing Board? Or what do you bring to the table?

Board members are valued for three main traits: work (their dedicated time and energy), wisdom (expertise) and wealth (ability to provide financial support and/or activate others to contribute). I like to think that I bring all three to the table. I have served on numerous committees over the years, and offer the expertise of someone with extensive board, development, business, public relations and marketing experience. I am also a proud donor, and I’m not afraid to activate my network to contribute to our Ed Foundation. I hope, for this next biennium, to contribute to all three areas in support of the direction Lisa Condon helps take our Board and organization for the future.

Favorite Delta Phi Epsilon memory?

All the afternoons, evenings and early mornings spent on the front porch/steps of our chapter house at Syracuse University blend together for me, and I am happy every time I think about how good it felt to be there, to belong, to be with my sisters.

How has Delta Phi Epsilon impacted your life?

DPhiE has added an immeasurable richness to my life, starting with my collegiate experience and continuing through to the opportunities it has given me for leadership as a volunteer. Many of my closest friends today are sisters from my time at Syracuse University, and also from other chapters across North America met through my time as a volunteer. As a legacy, DPhiE is especially meaningful to me as a tie to my mom, Toby Tamarkin, who is a Deepher from Sigma Chapter at The Ohio State University.

If you could tell an undergraduate sister one thing, what would it be?

Take advantage of everything DPhiE has to offer – including the experiences, scholarships, programs and opportunities that are generated outside of your own chapter house. Think about how you might stay connected to your sisters and the larger universe of Deephers after graduation and stay in touch! We need your energy, heart, vision, work and ideas!

Roxanne and the rest of the incoming IGB will transition into their positions at this year’s ILF on July 21 through July 24, 2022 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Want to get in on the ILF fun? There’s still time! Register now for the Unicorn Stampede by clicking here.

This blog series is to highlight the members of the 2022 International Governing Board who will transition into their roles at this year’s International Leadership Forum. The International Governing Board focuses on the overall governance of the sorority and strategic planning for each biennium. These positions are elected every two years.