Did you know that a group of unicorns is called a blessing? Daniella Diaz knows that a blessing can brighten your day through friendship and exercise.

Hello! My name is Daniella Diaz. I am a sister of the Alpha Pi Chapter at Southern Connecticut State University, inducted in Fall 2008. While an active sister, I was Secretary for a semester and held two positions on L-Team, Vice President Recruitment and Vice President Membership Development. I graduated in December 2011 and remained an active Alumna, joining the Connecticut Alumnae Association upon graduating. I attended my first ILF as an alumna for our Centennial celebration in Philadelphia, in 2016 and my second ILF in Buffalo, in 2018. I have run/walked our unicorn stampede at both events! Outside of Sorority, I am an Application Consultant who lives in Connecticut with my husband, Brad, our dogs, Luca and Brody, and our cat, Leo. We are also expecting our first child in September!

Why did you want to be on the Unicorn Stampede team?

I began running in 2012 with a group of sisters to prepare for the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon. The trip was such a blast and our running journey formed some really solid friendships. It wasn’t just about the run, it was about the journey we all partook on to complete the run. Most of us had never really run before. For some of us, this even began a tradition of RunDisney events together!

I believe the journey to the Unicorn Stampede is similar. Many sisters will spend weeks, even months, training to prepare for the race and in the process build really solid relationships. Running/walking has taken some of us on such a great journey and I want to encourage other sisters to take the leap and begin a run/walk journey of their own. The Unicorn Stampede will hopefully become a tradition for some!

What makes the Unicorn Stampede a fun and exciting experience? 

Saturday is always a big exciting ILF day! The Unicorn Stampede is such a great way to start the morning! The run always has such a fun buzz in the air with everyone’s excitement/nervousness for the event. It’s so fun to cheer each other on and all celebrate in the amazing accomplishment of getting out there.

Can you tell me about any memorable moments during a Unicorn Stampede that stand out for you? 

In 2018, at our Buffalo ILF, a great friend of mine (Carolyn Shea) was helping to lead the Unicorn Stampede. She had committed to going out the morning of the 5K to mark the course. A few sisters and I joined her that morning. We had a great time walking and marking the course together! That same morning I realized I had left my sneakers at home and only had sandals with me! So instead of doing any running that day, I walked the 5K in sandals. At the time, I was disappointed that I had left my sneakers at home because a 5K in sandals wasn’t comfortable! But the experience allowed me to connect with other sisters who were walking too. My first, and only, 5K in sandals – definitely one to remember. It was a great morning!


What would you say to encourage sisters to participate, either virtually or in-person? 

If you are hesitant to participate, ask a sister or a group of sisters to join you! It is such a great bonding experience and great company makes the mileage seem to go more quickly. In addition, do not feel that a 5K means you need to run! So many people walk 5Ks (myself included! I will be walking again this year). Lastly, if you are hesitant because you may not know anyone else participating, this is a great time to meet new sisters. It really is such a fun experience together.

Anything else you want to add? 

I hope to see many sisters participate in this year’s Unicorn Stampede whether it’s in person or virtually! Time over time, virtual experiences have proven they can really bring people together.

Whether you are a runner, a walker or a watcher, the International Unicorn Stampede Fun Run is a great way to support the Educational Foundation of Delta Phi Epsilon. On Saturday, July 23, 2022 from 7:30-8:30 AM EST, in-person participants will enjoy a run/walk through the beautiful running paths at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, while virtual participants can join in the fun by taking a run/walk/stroll around their local favorite path at the same time or at their convenience. All participants will receive a one-of-a-kind participation medal. Click here to register for the Virtual Unicorn Stampede.