How to find your Ideal Chiropractor

Author: Dr. Mary Nochimson 

You’ll find any chiropractor by doing a local Google search… and I’m sure you’ll be WOWed at the 5-star reviews. Oftentimes, reviews are “solicited” and they can be written by THEIR close friends and family, which can make them less accurate. In my opinion, the BEST way to find a GREAT one is word of mouth from local family and friends. 

Chiropractic is based on the body’s own ability to heal itself. It surrounds the health of the nervous system. It involves removing nerve interference between the brain and all the cells of the body by simply adjusting the joints of the spine that are subluxated, or misaligned. 

With any knowledgeable quick “rack and crack” chiropractor, you are bound to receive the benefits of an adjustment such as decrease pain, decrease stiffness & muscle spasm, and feeling overall better. 

What people tend to overlook is the role of chiropractic in restoring and enhancing overall function. Chiropractic is NOT just about pain and muscle spasm. Chiropractic is not just about healing from car accidents, trips and falls and sports injuries. Chiropractic is about increased concentration and focus. Chiropractic is about decreasing the risk of injuries and vulnerabilities to sicknesses. Chiropractic is about enhancing your athletic abilities. Chiropractic is a health and wellness option that helps maximize your energy, organ system function and overall quality of life. 

Chiropractic is a hands-on holistic modality, and with all holistic modalities, there is an element of energy. It is this energy that separates a good chiropractor from an AMAZING chiropractor.

My BEST advice for choosing a chiropractor off a Google search. 

1. Call the chiropractic office and find out  what type of patients they treat. 

    – Do you see more elderly? 

    – What percentage is car accident cases and trips and falls? 

    – Do you see Athletes? 

    – Do you see Families? 

2. What adjustment techniques do they use?

    – HVLA – most popular type of adjustment where quick thrusts are used to mobilize a joint. 

    – Upper Cervical 

    – Activator

    – Drop table

    – Torque release 

3. What other modalities do they offer IN office?

    – Massage 

    – Craniosacral 

    – Acupuncture 

    – Reiki 

    – NAET – great for treating food and environmental insensitivities

    – If you are an athlete, ask if they offer stretching, kinesio tape and warm laser. 

    – Nutrition/Homeopathy. Please watch out for practitioners who sell nutrition through multi-level marketing such as Herbalife, Isagenix, Juice plus, melaleuca, etc. 

4. After finding a chiropractor and going into their facility, notice if other patients in the office are getting the SAME EXACT treatments. Not every person is the same, and so not every person should be treated the same. 

5. A chiropractor does NOT have to have special training to work with specific individuals, so don’t make that the ONLY factor in your decision. It is important to note that ALL chiropractors have to have a Chiropractic license from an accredited college in order to practice on ANY and ALL individuals of ANY age and be licensed in their state of practice. Chiropractors can see ANY patient whether they specialize in a particular field or not. Just because a chiropractor does not obtain a diploma as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner does not indicate that that Chiropractor is not allowed to treat athletes. Marketing wise, that chiropractor can’t legally claim to specialize in sports. Typically having a diploma in an area helps a chiropractor attract that type of patient. For example, I am not certified in pediatrics, but I can still treat children and have had great success. I feel comfortable in my skills to treat newborns and children, so although I can not claim that I am a pediatric chiropractic specialist, parents have found me to help their children tremendously with their kids’ ailments. I am not a sports chiropractor, but because I offer deep tissue massage, stretching, kinesio tape and warm laser, I feel comfortable offering my services to athletes. I have gotten GREAT results on soccer players, dancers, tennis players, gym bodies, etc. 

If you are unhappy with your chiropractor of choice, try a different one. Not all chiropractors practice the same exact way and a chiropractor that is good for someone else may not be a good fit for you. 

Dr. Mary’s PEARL of WISDOM… If you ever have any questions about finding a chiropractor, please never hesitate to reach out to me, Dr. Mary, your sisterly Delta Phi Epsilon Chiropractor at 954-560-0221.

Dr. Mary Nochimson, Beta Tau 

Dr. Mary NochimsonBio: Hi Sisters! My name is Dr. Mary Nochimson, but you can call me “Dr. Mary”. I am a board certified chiropractor in Broward County, Florida. In addition to being a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, I am also a certified acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist. My other certifications include ashiatsu, bamboosage, craniosacral therapy (CS1, CS2, Peds 1, Peds 2) and NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). When patients seek health options other than, or in addition to, medications and surgery, I love to integrate a combination of holistic therapies in one session for best results. 

I LOVE the art of healing and I LOVE educating. I am always trying to find new ways to connect with the community, helping them find and connect with resources to enhance their quality of life! She volunteers for Bowtie Kids, a nonprofit aimed to support, nurture, and empower children and their families impacted by chronic pain, through education and support programming so that they can secure a better quality of life. She is thrilled and excited to add Delta Phi Epsilon’s Health & Wellness Committee as a way to reach more women. She also wrote a children’s book, “A Craniosacral Story”, which is meant to educate parents and their children about Craniosacral. 

Feel free to visit my website for more information about some of the holistic modalities I provide!