Committee Spotlight: Vashtina Boyce

Vashtina BoyceVashtina Boyce’s time as an undergraduate was short; being an active member of the Alpha Epsilon chapter at Kennesaw State University for a year and a half. After a short but rewarding experience, she knew she wanted to continue to give back to DPhiE. She started advising as a chapter in her area and helped them flourish. 

After advising two chapters over the span of five years, she moved to the Pacific Northwest. An area without any DPhiE chapters, Vashtina was unsure of what she would do next. She shared, “I knew that I wanted to get involved again in some way but I did not exactly know how.” She looked around for opportunities on the website and connected with other sisters to see how she could give back. 

Around the same time, DPhiE began recruiting volunteers for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion task force. With her education leaning towards social justice work, she knew that the DEI task force was the perfect volunteer role for her to thrive in. This allowed her to use her education and further develop her skills in an area that DPhiE needed critical support in. With three years on the committee behind her she looks back on her experience with gratitude. “Some days are hard – especially in the DEI space where nothing is perfect and there’s so much work to do. It can be discouraging but at the same time gives me the motivation to continue.” 

She attributes her time volunteering to providing her valuable professional development skills to help her grow in her career. “Volunteering has helped me to learn how to better work with others as well as how to manage conflict, both skills I did not have as much experience with in college given my short time being active.” The committee work has also helped her to move along in her career. Since joining she aimed to lead by example and showcasing how DPhiE helped her grow to inspire young leaders. 

If you’re on the fence about volunteering for DPhiE, find a role that works best for you, your skill set, and your time commitment. “Don’t be afraid to stretch and try something new – ask questions and plug in your skills where you can!” 

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is at an all time high membership count including undergraduate and alumna representation. We are excited to see all that they accomplish this year as they continue to put the Anti-racist Resolution into action. Read about all of our committees here to find a space for you to thrive in.