DPhiE Member Spotlight: Laura Miller

Beta Nu chapter- Wesley College

Laura Miller’s first introduction to Delta Phi Epsilon was a bit unorthodox. Although she wasn’t involved with the sorority during her undergraduate years, Laura proudly identifies with the organization that, according to her, pushed her to be a leader with empathy. 

Following a recent move to Delaware, Laura decided to attend an event hosted by the state’s alumni association to connect and network with other people in the area. She started the process of becoming an alumni member shortly after joining the association. 

“I knew I wanted to be part of something bigger,” Laura said. “Growing up I thought sororities were where you bought your friends. I learned quickly that it is not that at all. You are joining an organization that allows you to connect with others who are driven, focused and dedicated to our shared sisterhood.”

Laura now serves as the lead advisor of the Delta Delta chapter at Indiana University – Bloomington. For the past year and a half, she has been working with the leadership team of the chapter to improve morale and overall connection with the organization. Laura says she has seen great growth from her fellow members, especially when she had the opportunity to visit the Delta Delta chapter in person for the first time for a site visit last December. 

“Being an advisor, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from members in ways I wouldn’t get otherwise. My chapter is more aware of issues related to the gender binary and evolving identities and this has pushed me to become more of a learner,” Laura said. “I’ve brought the lessons I’ve learned from the chapter back into my personal and professional life.”

Laura currently works as the student learning initiatives coordinator at James Madison University and attributes some of her success to her time as a volunteer with DPhiE. 

“Although I wasn’t in DPhiE yet, I had great advisors when I was an undergrad,” Laura said. “ I wanted to provide a great support system to the next generation. Volunteering with DPhiE is an easy way to give back to a sisterhood that gives us so much.”

Looking back at her membership so far, Laura highlighted her unconventional introduction but noted that no one is a typical path. Members join from all different ways of membership and represent all different backgrounds and upbringings. 

“Our different experiences ripple and radiate through all members,” Laura said. “Life experiences may be different, but DPhiE still connects you.”