Next Stop: Law School

Next Stop Law School
Jessie Leal

When I entered college my freshman year, I knew I wanted to attend law school. I spent my senior year focused on applying, studying, gathering recommendations and finalizing my resume. My goal became a reality when I was accepted into the St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio, Texas. After my acceptance, I realized that it made sense for me to defer my acceptance until the Fall of 2021 due to financial reasons. I took the opportunity to work for a year as an International Leadership Consultant for Delta Phi Epsilon to spend the year preparing for my next step, law school. For this year, I set out to gain real world experience and build a network of professionals.

As an International Leadership Consultant, I gained professional skills that directly translate to my future career as a lawyer. I treat each chapter I work with as my clients and have learned to serve them in a timely manner while providing them the tools they need to be successful. I work directly with the millennial and gen z generations and have learned the impact the present day climate has on each demographic. As a lawyer, it is imperative to have commercial awareness and know what affects current affairs will have on a client. I have learned to gauge my communication style between generations and better understand where a client is coming from. 

Each meeting as an ILC requires research and project management skills. By researching prior to each meeting, I am prepared to have a productive appointment and can anticipate my clients needs. Individual meetings and group projects taught me excellent project management skills. The experience of taking a project from conception to execution is a skill that will be helpful throughout my entire professional career. I must also ensure the wording, layout, and presentation is thorough and conveys the correct message when creating resources. My experience as an ILC has shaped me for the next steps in my future by giving me practical professional skills. 

Delta Phi Epsilon provided me a wide network of professionals and mentors. The support from my bosses, my fellow consultants, and my mentor Linsay Wolf have all empowered me to continue to reach for my goal. My experience as an ILC has made me feel capable and confident for the next step in my career. Joining Delta Phi Epsilon my freshman year was by far the best decision I made. I took every opportunity the organization offered me and it has given me back more than I could have imagined. 

Jessie Leal is an alumna member of the Gamma Gamma chapter at Schreiner University and a current International Leadership Consultant. Jessie lives in Texas and has plans to attend Law School next year. 

Applications are now being accepted for the 2021 – 2022 International Leadership Consultant Program. You can learn more information and apply, by clicking here. Interested in learning more about the program and have questions answered? Join us on November 12 for an interactive webinar, “Want to be an ILC?” You can register for that here.