Planting to Feed

Sister Spotlight | 09/04/2018

Food insecurity:

The state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. 



In Delta Phi Epsilon, we value justice, which can appear in our lives in many ways. For this Beta Nu alumni, justice for...

Sisters Sweep Scholarships

Sister Spotlight | 08/20/2018

Scholarship recipients of the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation are very diverse and utilize the funds for a variety of experiences that are set to further their education, such as studying abroad, and financing undergraduate, graduate and doctorate tuition. With...

Following the Very Old Pin

Sister Spotlight | 08/08/2018

Becoming an alumni initiate is a dream come true for recently initated sister, BethAnne. BethAnne’s legacy began with her grandmother almost 70 years ago in the Phi chapter at Brooklyn College. BethAnne was never able to meet her grandmother, Barbara Meisel Kern, a...

Using Your Chapter Experience to Pursue Your Passion

Be Your Best Self | 07/12/2018
Caylie Landerville is one of 65 students from around the country who has been hired by Sony to begin their careers in the music industry as a College Marketing Representative. She is tasked with “organically creating awareness and generating excitement for new releases...

Senator Sister: A Recap of the 2018 Hill Visits

Be Involved | 06/14/2018

Watching Harvard University Greek life students speak up to be recognized on their campus during last month's Washington D.C.'s Hill visit while other sororities and fraternities were defending their right of existence shows the underlying challenge to all of Greek life...

Three Ways DPhiE & Meghan Markle Are Connected

News | 05/18/2018

It’s easy to see why there’s such a buzz surrounding the Royal Wedding – the excitement of tradition and glamour is easy to get swept up in. And as the world has its eyes set on Meghan Markle, we sit and reflect on what makes her so intriguing. Before her association...